Queen Elizabeth ditches the handshake amid coronavirus fear

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As the novel coronavirus spreads like wildfire worldwide, the entire population of the globe is busy taking precautionary measures to avoid contracting the disease.

This includes Queen Elizabeth II who is said to have put a halt on all physical contact as a picture of her forgoing handshakes has been making rounds on the internet.

During her meeting with Sri Lankan High Commissioner Saroja Sirisena as well as her husband Dr. Sudath Talpahewa at the Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, Her Majesty could be observed avoiding the handshake in times of the novel disease that has the world under its firm grip.

Earlier, the Queen had also been observed avoiding handshakes with guests and officiants at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey where she could also be seen wearing gloves during the entire ceremony.

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince William is taking the news of the pandemic in more relaxed way as he was earlier spotted cracking jokes and was inquisitorial about the intensity of the virus while he along with wife Kate Middleton were touring Ireland.

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