Lack of sleep increases the chances of diabetes: research

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We all know that sleep deprivation or poor and complete sleep deprivation can lead to many health problems.

Sleep deprivation causes a mental illness such as depression, anxiety and anxiety, but today we are going to tell you something else about sleep deprivation.

A recent study has revealed that sleep deprivation affects the amount of glucose in the human body.

 Researchers say that people who do not get full and full sleep at night have high blood sugar.

Many adults in this study were asked to sleep only 4 hours a day for 6 days, and their blood sugar levels were checked after 6 days.

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Researchers say that after 6 days, people have seen an increase in their blood sugar levels, and this increase increases the chances of diabetes in adults.

Researchers say that just as diet is so important to our health, optimal sleep is just as important for human health, so a person needs about seven and a half hours of sleep daily.

Experts say that complete lack of sleep affects the whole system of our body, which has a profound effect on our health.

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